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Curvature of the Earth photographed from a Kaymont weather balloon


Kaymont Meteorological Balloons are regularly launched by U.S. Government agencies and all branches of the U.S. Military. Kaymont Balloons are launched daily for weather forecasts across the U.S. and are critical for reliable military operations all over the world. Additionally, Kaymont Balloons are flown ahead of all rocket launches for accurate weather forecasts at near-space altitudes. KCI Balloons are the highest quality Totex meteorological balloons that reach their burst altitude over 99% of the time.

These balloons are recommended for individuals or groups who are launching a photographic payload or for amateur weather forecasting. These balloons are capable of carrying photography equipment, GPS tracker and scientific equipment, as well as a full host of other payloads. In the past, groups have sent action figures, family photos and even a vinyl record turntable to near-space. Our HAB's are top quality, high performance Totex meteorological balloons that will reach their burst altitude over 99% of the time.

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