These balloons are the largest commercially available weather balloons in the world. These balloons are capable of carrying extremely heavy payloads and can reach burst altitudes of more than 130,000 feet, depending on weight of payload.

Pre-Order HAB-TX-4000 (ETA 9/10/2020)

SKU: HAB-TX-4000
Color: Natural Latex
  • Weight: 4000g
    Manufacturer & P/N: Totex TX4000
    Material: Natural Latex
    Inflation Gas: Helium
    Payload: 4-18 lbs
    Rate of Ascent: 320m/min
    Burst Diameter: 50.59ft
    Burst Altitude: 120,000- 130,300ft
    Neck Diameter: 5.0cm
    Neck Length: 12.0cm

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