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Available in natural color only, these balloons are specifically designed to carry standard radiosondes to various altitudes.

Product Information:
Weight: 300g

Manufacturer: Totex

Material: Natural Latex

Inflation Gas: Helium/ Hydrogen

Recommended Payload: 1-2 lbs

Rate of Ascent: 350m/min

Burst Diameter: 12.4ft

Burst Altitude: 70,000- 85,000ft

Neck Diameter: 3.0cm


Packaging Options:

Packaging Options:Standard Manufacturer's Packaging: Balloon sealed in plastic bag as it arrives from Totex.

UV Resistant Packaging (+$2): Balloon, in manufacturer's packaging heat sealed in UV Resistant Bag.


SKU: HAB-300
Color: Natural Latex
  • Weight: 300g
    Manufacturer: Totex
    Material: Natural Latex
    Inflation Gas: Helium
    Payload: 1-2 lbs
    Rate of Ascent: 350m/min
    Burst Diameter: 12.4ft
    Burst Altitude: 70,000- 85,000ft
    Neck Diameter: 3.0cm

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