These balloons are made to lift larger (7-9 pounds) payloads to altitudes reaching 110,000 feet. With lighter payloads, expect altitudes approaching 115,000 feet under optimal conditions. TX Cold Weather Compound Balloons resist the effects of moisture freezing on the surface of the balloon, resulting in a more consistent burst altitude in the upper 80th percentile of the specificed burst window.


SKU: HAB-TX-2000
Color: Natural Latex
  • Weight: 2000g
    Manufacturer & P/N: Totex TX2000
    Material: Natural Latex
    Inflation Gas: Helium
    Payload: 4-9 lbs
    Rate of Ascent: 350m/min
    Burst Diameter: 34.6ft
    Burst Altitude: 107,000- 117,000ft
    Neck Diameter: 5.0cm
    Neck Length: 12.0cm

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