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This desiccant assembly is compatible with the Kaymont Model 2000, GEO Calibration Model 2000SP, Model 2000SHR and Model 1000SP.


The Kaymont Model 2000SPA-SC uses a W A HAMMOND DRIERITE CO 27068 L68GP 300 L/hr, 100 psi Gas Purifier. Half of the polycarbonate column is filled with 250 mL of indicating Drierite producing a terminal dryness of 0.005 mg/liter. The other half contains 250 mL of 5A molecular sieves for removal of trace impurities. Total capacity is 500 mL.  A 40-µm, 316 stainless steel outlet screen assembly prevents particulate migration. Upon reaching saturation, the Drierite column will change in color from blue to pink, indicating that the Drierite must be regenerated, or a refill kit should be used.

Model 2000 Desiccant Assembly

SKU: DDX2000

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