GEO Calibration Insulated Chamber Doors are designed to accomodate calibrations for up to four humidity probes or three probes plus a handhelf reference at a time. These chamber doors are designed with a silicone thermal barrier and second acrlyic wall to double the thickness for increased temperature uniformity. These doors feature four adjustable compression fittings with replaceable bungs varrying in size from 3-30mm in internal probe diameter, available separately. 

This door includes:
Insulated Chamber Door with 4x Compression Fittings
4x Solid Bungs
4x Door Thumb Screws
1x Bung Variety Pack

This door is compatible with the following instruments:
Kaymont Model 2000
GEO Calibration Model 2000 SP
GEO Calibration Model 2000 SHR
GEO Calibration Model 2000 SP-SH
GEO Calibration Model 2015 TS

GEO Calibraiton Model 2500 CM

GEO 4 Port Insulated Chamber Door, Compression Fittings

  • This item is shipped directly from GEO Calibration and may take 1-2 Days after order to process and ship.