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*This product includes a $500.00 Refundable Deposit. Please contact us for Model 2000 availability and to finalize your rental period.


Kaymont Equipment Rental offers calibration labs the opportunity to perform high volume, high accuracy RH calibrations at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new capital equipment.


This Rental Includes:
• Kaymont Model 2000 or GEO Calibration Model 2000SPBenchtop Humidity Generator

• GEO Calibration 4 Port Compression Door

• GEO Calibration Bung Assortment (3mm-21mm)

• Power Cable

• Hard Transportation/ Shipping Case

• Water Syringe

• Distilled Water Bottle

• Certificate of Calibration


Please review and complete the Equipment Rental Agreement and send it to



Model 2000/ Model 2000SP 15 Day Rental

SKU: KCI-M2000-R15
  • One-way UPS Ground shipping is included with the purchase of this rental.

    The return shipment of the instrument is the responsible of the user, with insurance as outlined in the Equipment Rental Agreement.

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