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Curvature of the Earth photographed from a Kaymont weather balloon payload





Kaymont ceiling balloons are the smallest form of weather balloon, and are used to determine cloud height. In practice, if the balloon rises at about 460 ft/min, and the total trip time is approximately 20 minutes before vanishing into the clouds, it can be determined that the cloud ceiling is about 9200 feet. Because these parameters are determined by optical tracking of the balloon, ceiling balloons come in different colors including red, black and natural.

KCI-20  |  KCI-30  | KCI-50 |  KCI-100

Available in red, black and white, for use in varying cloud cover conditions.

The KCI-100 can also be used to carry a radiosonde. 


The largest balloon is a sounding balloon. Sounding balloons are the workhorse for weather forecasting. Typically, sounding balloons will carry a small electronic package (radiosonde) which transmits the data necessary for weather prediction, pressure, temperature and humidity. Some radiosondes also contain a GPS receiver/transmitter.  As the balloon ascends it changes position. Position data is transmitted to a ground station where the changes are converted to wind speed and wind direction.

Depending on observation requirements sounding balloons vary from a burst diameter of 7 feet at an altitude of 70,000 feet to a diameter of 43 feet at an altitude of 125,000 feet. Burst altitudes will change due to increased payloads, weather conditions at the tropopause and other environmental factors.

Meteorological balloon specifications

KCI-150  |  KCI-200  |  KCI-300  |  KCI-350  |  KCI-600

Available in natural color only, these balloons are specifically designed to carry standard radiosondes to various altitudes.

KCI-800  |  KCI-1000  |  KCI-1200  |  KCI-1500 
KCI-2000  | KCI-3000 | KCI-4000

These large balloons are used to carry ozonesondes to 30km or higher. Available only in natural color. Used for high altitude research worldwide, KCI meteorological balloons are known for their reliability and consistency in all launch conditions. Additionally, KCI balloons maintain their round shape and when used properly, will reach burst altitude specifications 99% of the time. 

KCI-TX-800  |  KCI-TX-1000  |  KCI-TX-1200  |  KCI-TX-1500
KCI-TX-2000  |  KCI-TX-3000 | KCI-TX-4000

Specially formulated for cold-weather launch and ultra-cold conditions at altitude, these large balloons are capable of carrying standard radiosondes and ozonesondes. 


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